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Charge Your Smartphone Battery Faster

Although it may seem like all smart phones charge at the same rate, which is something that most people would not even think about in the first place, the reality is that different charges from different models, which fit the same phones will charge at a different rate. If you have a smart phone that […]

Virtual Reality Headsets That Work With Your Smartphone

There’s no denying that virtual reality will be playing a huge role in all of our futures. You don’t have to wait for the future, however, to experience virtual reality. Many companies have already created virtual reality headsets that use your smartphone as the display. That means that you can watch content like movies and […]

Do It Yourself Cell Phone Accessories

After spending money on the cell phone of your dreams it can be difficult to come up with more cash for the accessories. Below are some creative ideas for phone accessories that you can make on a budget. Phone Stands Have you ever been in the office, sitting at your desk, or relaxing at home […]

The Best of Glow-In-The-Dark Phone Chargers

You’ll have no trouble finding your glowing phone charger in the dark when you choose to indulge in a glowing phone charger. There are many options for a charger from cords that glow in different colors, to those that you simply rest your phone on. Some have an option that will indicate when your phone […]

Best Sites For Quality Mobile Phone Reviews

There are many websites that offer mobile phone reviews. Four of the best are CNET, Digital Trends, MobileTechReview, and TechRadar. CNET is a popular online technology magazine. In the Phones category of the CNET website, mobile phones are categorized according to price, carrier, operating system, manufacturer, and design. Prospective phone buyers can search for a […]

Mobile Phone Addiction: Is It Real?

Let’s face it, this generation is plugged in and there doesn’t seem to be anything that anyone can do about it. Look around and chances are that you’ll see someone on their cell phone. Cell phones have become a part of life and for many they are as necessary as an arm or a leg. […]

Buyer Beware of Counterfeit USB Chargers

Across the globe consumer groups and fire departments are warning mobile phone and tablet users of the dangers associated with using fake or counterfeit USB chargers and batteries. In Australia, the use of a sub standard USB charger has been linked to at least one death, the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Industry reports. The number of […]

10 Must-Have Accessories For Your Phone

What additional gear can you get for your phone? For travellers, people who are running businesses on-the-go, realtors, or even just for students or any mobile user, here’s a list of must-have accessories. 1. Protective case – Although your mobile phone may have Gorilla screen or titanium housing, you’ll never know when your phone might […]

Which Mobile Service Plan Is Best For You?


Are you confused or clueless about which mobile service plan you should take? Sales talk from telecom agents may sound convincing no matter which plan they’ll try to sell to you. Determining which service you’ll sign up is important because this is where you’ll depend on daily communication and mobile data needs, apart from where […]

Best Hands-Free Device On The Road!


Finally my search is over, and Jawbone got it right this time! ERA Bluetooth Headset has been my road partner for the past six months. The sound and voice quality is simply superb, in fact the best one that I’ve had for the past two years. I’m able to listen and enjoy music from my […]